Our Process

Starting the Process

We do work with designers, architects and custom home builders.  But we also work with homeowners wanting to make the selections themselves.  Our very knowledgeable and personable staff can help you make all the correct decisions.  We can go to your home and measure the current kitchen and give a free, no hassle, quote.  Once we have the color selected we can provide the sink and faucet as well.  For those who need it, we can assist in the design from the very beginning and help to create a perfect fit for your kitchen that is beautiful, long lasting and fits the budget the client has in mind.

Template Process

The Template is the process of copying or making duplicate shapes of the cabinets. Most of the tops we template are done by using a ETemplate Lazar. This machine shoots a lazar at the front of the cabinets and walls. This then provides us with the exact shape of the wall and cabinet. We take this template and digitally add overhang to areas that would need it. 

Onsite Production & Fabrication

Our fabrication facility is one of the most state of the art fabrication shops in the southeast and one of a hand full in the country.  Our machines can give you the customer the upmost edge detail possible.  Our process allows the customer to be involved with the layout of their kitchen countertops .  We will take a picture of every slab being used for fabrication of the job on our slab photo table.  We then take the lazer template and overlay the shapes of the countertops over the picture of the slab.  This does several things.  It maximizes the yield of the stone to allow more cuts per slab.  It helps the customer view where the seams will be placed and help capture a certain beautiful area of the stone.  If the the customer is not available to come into our shop to view, we can email a picture of the layout.